Family pleads to find marilyn wallmans killer mackay north qld

Family pleads to find marilyn wallmans killer mackay north qld

Posted by The ABC’s James Dettmann on Monday, December 17, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The widow of the suspected mackay-suspected hit man has released a statement saying she was duped into believing that her husband, Mackay-son, was responsible for her husband’s death.

Mackay-son’s widow, Jessica, asked authorities last week for more information about her husband and a case of mistaken identity has resulted in the arrest of both men on Saturday in Sulu province.

She stated that while her husband wasn’t involved in her husband’s murder, he told her he was in fact responsible.

The police revealed on Saturday that they took Mackay-son in custody after they tracked his cellphone number and traced him to a crime house in Datu-Baguan.

Jessica has accused her husband of being involved with his mother’s murder when he killed her father, Manuel, on July 22, 2013, in Datu-Baguan.

According to her affidavit, she was told that her husband went to Datu-Baguan after she found her son asleep in her father’s bed. She also said that he admitted the murder and handed over her mobile.

Her husband’s father has stated that he was just visiting the house and not supposed to know his wife’s whereabouts.

Police also said that when they confronted Mackay-son about the murder, the accused said the murder did not take place at the house and that he got lost while looking for help. They said 카지노 사이트he later claimed he was the one who left the house with a pistol.

“We were unabl더킹카지노e to find out why he left the house and he stated he was going out for a bit as it is his mother’s place. However, when he got to the police station, it turned out there was no evidence that he could provide to them,” the Sulu Police Director General’s Office (DPO) Director General Manuel Diwa told reporters.

He said Mackay-son has not been cooperative with them in investigation so far.

Mackay-son was charged with murder and argospelhitzmed robbery in August 2015, but the case was quashed by the Sulu Supreme Court while he was jailed. He later won a plea deal with the Philippine National Police (PNP).

The accused’s father has yet to answer any questions from authorities about his daughter’s death despite her demands that they interview him.

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