The prime minister says this weeks chaos in the Muslim world is being caused by the US and Israel

The prime minister says this weeks chaos in the Muslim world is being caused by the US and Israel. He claims that ‘if there is no regime that’s a part of the world that will let Muslims be a part of it, we are going to leave it.’

He says that the Muslim world was invaded by Europe and the United States.

Prime Minister Netanyahu tells Americans that Europe must now withdraw its forces and America must withdraw from the Middle East.

He says ‘the only way is to isolate the Arab world from itself and to confront it,’ adding that ‘all it has shown is that it is capable of being a great power.’

The prime minister has described the Ar골목ab world as a’state of chaos’, referring to the rise in violence in the region and what he calls’militaristic Islamism’.

‘Today’s Arab nation has entered a phase of military weakness,’ he says. ‘This is the start of the end for that nation, and we must prevent that from happening.’

‘My advice to them is to stop thinking about the war on terror. Think about the war on terror, and what it means for the future of the Arab-Israeli conflict, of the region, and it is time for the Israelis to come home.’

It comes as US President Barack Obama has called a day of mourning바카라 사이트 for 21 American airmen killed in a terrorist attack which was allegedly carried out by two Israelis.

The first attack, which killed one airman and injured two others, was claimed by the Islamic State group and claimed at least 16 lives at the Mina airport in southern Sinai.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has a long record of critical statements of Obama’s administration, said he saw no point in commenting on the Israeli casualties during his recent state visit to Washington.

After being challenged by Fox News’s Chris Wallace, Mr Netanyahu said: ‘If it were a U.S. person or a U.S. citizen, who had joined, who was involved, whether it is from the United States or any other place, from the United States, who’s responsible, I would be absolutely confident of his or her guilt.’

The prime minister said that on May 6 an air strike on a Hamas-controlled house in Gaza killed one civilian, according to the military and the hospital.

At least카지노사이트 40 Israeli soldiers were killed in a previous attack on a Palestinian mosque in Hebron and the third such incident in less than two weeks.

One of the officers who carried out the first attac

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